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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Be a Guest Blogger! : Invisible Illness Awareness Week

NICIAW is Sept 14-20, 2009 and you can find out more info at www.invisibleillnessweek.com . They are having a 5-day virtual conference with 20 speakers giving seminars. -Be a Guest Blogger! : Invisible Illness Awareness Week

They are looking for guest bloggers. "Are you interested in having a special blog post you’ve written about living with illness (especially an invisible one?) We’d love to consider it! Please submit it here and we will respond as soon as possible. If it’s accepted we will let you know the date it will appear. And yes, it’s okay if it’s been reprinted before. Just let us know when and where."

This is a great opportunity to show off your own blog and be part of something special. Tell Lisa that Marly Silverman, from PANDORA is grateful for the great work that they do.


Jody Bogaczyk said...

I just want to say that having Fibromyalgia is like a death sentence without a definite ending in sight.Sometimes I pray I will die and never have to deal with this pain again. It affects every part of my life, from morning until night.There are days I cannot even get out of bed.Then there are days I wish I hadn't due to the pain.

Unknown said...

Dear Jody,
I sincerely wish that today is a better day for you. A day without pain or a day with considerable less pain. It is because of individuals like you that I founded PANDORA. I realized that voices of individuals suffering with the incredible pain that FM can bring were not reaching the decision makers in our government. I hope this message bring to you some comfort and the realization that you are not alone. We are doing our best to advocate for individuals stricken with neuroendocrineimmune disorders.
We are making a difference, albeit not as fast as I would like it to be, since a cure remains a goal that we haven't reached yet. But be assured that we will keep on trying.
Sincerely best wishes and better health to you.
Marly Silverman
Built on Hope. Strong on Advocacy. Finding a Cure through Research.