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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dr. Oz Show Part 1

Here is Dr. Oz Show on the XMRV virus and CFS - Part 1. His show has generated intense buzz (before and after the show being broadcasted), within the NEI patient community. For me one of the best quotes of the show was made by Dr. Moore when in conversation with Dr. Oz on the issue of memory loss - she mentioned that patients call it brain fog and she elaborated that is not like not knowing where you placed your car keys...it is you don't know what to do with them, when you find them.

This show is a great educational snippet for the public in general. Some have pointed out that Dr. Oz did not give time for the fact that men are severely affected by CFS-ME too, but he did mention it briefly on the show. Also, he did not point out that children can be affected too, but I suppose it was implied since it is a virus and the public is at risk because of the blood supply becoming tainted. He clearly discussed the fact that millions of Americans based on the percentage being extrapolated to the general population - 10 million - have tested positive for the XMRV virus and don't know that they might be at risk.

Leave a comment on PANDORA's page and let's keep up with the momentum and with the debate. We cannot let our government health agencies off the hook. I believe the NIH is now on board and will try to validate the XMRV virus findings.

But we need to continue the grass roots pressure and as patients we need to take ownership of our future. We need to enhance our political and social level of influence now more than ever.
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P.S.: Thank you Dr. Oz!


Lori P said...

Thank you for posting a portion of the show. (I hope you'll be posting the rest) I missed the show and have looked for a video.

Thanks to Dr. Oz for quickly redeeming himself after airing the earlier show on "chronic fatigue" which simply added to the confusion and dismissal of the much more serious illness of CFS.

Lori Plyler

Unknown said...

Hi Lori,
Yes, Part 1 and Part 2 have been posted. Go to PANDORA'S youtube.com page at
http://www.youtube.com/user/pandoranet and they are there.

Yes, I do too believe this was a much needed follow up to the previous show on "chronic fatigue" that is also an issue for many Americans. The public needs to know the difference between CFS as an illness, and the chronic fatigue simply caused by lack of sleep, eating habits, cramming for a college exam, and other illnesses that can be successfully treated with simple approaches.