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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Tonight, on April 1, 2008, on CNN's Larry King show, Jesse Ventura shared with Larry that one of the reasons he did not pursue his political career was due to his wife's health issues. After a lengthy search for what was ailing his wife, she was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). He mentioned that doctors are not familiar with the illness but that now she is feeling much better thanks to their new home location and if I heard correctly is in Baja (Mexico). I had the television on but was not really paying attention until I heard his explanation about his wife's health and that got my attention a bit more. Click here for the Larry King complete transcript at his web site.

It is amazing that an illness like CFS, at this age and time, still being debated if it is really real! Jesse Ventura says it is! And whether you are on the side of his politics or not, if you have CFS or have a member of your family suffering with CFS-ME, you will appreciate what he said. For someone who was a famous wrestler, ran for political office as governor, his wife's health concerns turned out to be after all the most important fight of his life. I am glad he has won that fight! But for many in our community, without an advocate to speak on their behalf, they are not faring as well as Ventura's wife. But nonetheless, I wish her continuing good health and I take the opportunity to invite him to become a spokesperson for our community of suffering. I could certainly use someone like him in my corner, in the ring of my daily life, specially when I am faced with the health challenges that CFS brings on so often.


Anonymous said...

It is great that Jesse Ventura spoke out about his wife's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It would be super to have him as a spokesperson for CFS. I believe I will email the Larry King Show to let them know how grateful I am that Jesse spoke out about his wife's CFS.

Unknown said...

I will let you know if I am able to convince him to speak more often about CFS-ME. In some level he is already a spokesperson and an advocate for his wife and many others. He chose to share the information with millions of viewers.

Lanita Bonita said...

if you’re in the mood for a good laugh, I found a pretty funny impersonation of Larry King: